Initial Consultation


Consequent Visits

What is included in the visits:DSC00273

  1. Management of Metabolic Syndromes, such as obesities, syndrome X, type 2 diabetes, hypertension etc.
  2. Management of cognitive and neuro-degenerative disease  including visual acuity and pre senile dementia.
  3. Nutritional  and homeopathic support and the intervention in nutritional deficiencies.
  4. Management of Inflammatory and degenerative disease, such as proliferative growth manifestations, skin disorders, arthritis, etc.
  5. Management of Allergies and toxins
  6. Support of  any presenting problems, history of present illness, anamnesis and suggested management.

  • Stress Reduction Methods

    The first scan is free of charge, consequent charges: $145.00 per scan and treatment.

  • Pain Management Methods

    Acuscope and Myopulse for pain and pro-aging: $ 125.00

  • Laboratory Exploration

    Laboratory exploration by Laboratories Located in the Province of BC: Items will be billed by the lab.

  • Bio-Energetic Profile

    The procurement of a Bio-Energetic Profile by means of a scan (according to Voll and Schimmel) of the body’s meridian channels: $ 65.00.

  • Uncover Blockage

    Uncover blockage in the major nerve centers in order to rebalance the parasympathetic and sympathetic nerve centers. Diagnosis per Rubimed: $ 125.00.

  • Quantum Field Characteristics

    Functional profile by means of the quantum field characteristics surrounding the body. (NES)

    This indicates the possibility of nutritional deficiencies, presence of environmental toxins, constitutional weakness, and factors which impede the optimal function of the body. $ 200.00

  • Electro-Acupuncture

    Application of electro-acupuncture in the form of Auricular medicine as taught at the Sorbonne University Medical school in Paris-France by Prof. Nogier: $ 60.00

  • Cardio Vascular Health

    Exploration and support of Cardio Vascular Health: $ 30.00.

  • ETA Scan

    ETA Scan, physical or emotional: $ 400.00

  • Energy Modulation

    Energy modulation techniques per kindling and Rectec 300: Respectively $ 75 and $ 80.

  • Food Allergy Testing

    Food Allergy Testing: $ 90.00