tsuen wan

1:MTR Service Update:

0948 Due to faulty train at Yau Ma Tei Station

Tsuen Wan Line trains serve
Tsuen Wan – Lai King, est 8 mins interval
Jordan – Central, est 6 mins interval

Good service on Kwun Tong Line /5p5m7kNpfv

Tsuen Wan: Growth of a “New Town” and Its People ALXR0JF

/90iHHehHgy /BzjcCE2Z2O
3:MTR Service Update:

@Citymapper 0600 Good service on Tsuen Wan Line /agsTE9ndRP
4:Luis Orozco:
Hong Kong MTR train derails, part of Tsuen Wan line suspended indefinitely as hundreds evacuated /A7ATO2IS3I
5:SCMP Young Post:
Full train service resumed along the Tsuen Wan line on Monday morning after a derailment at Yau Ma Tei station the day before, tearing off two sets of the vehicle’s doors /6jTO9eUlnM
6:JR Urbane Network:

A backgrounder: My friend RT’ed here observed (correctly) that an MTR station named Yau Ma Tei (YMT) has only one escalator evacuating the lowest level of the station that serves the Kwun Tong Line (KTL) that empties into the middle level serving the Tsuen Wan Line (TWL)… /Y9zflwIxv4

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8:Jux 列皞:
RIP Tsuen Wan Line…
Hong Kong MTR Corporation faces HK$25 million fine after it suspends services overnight on part of Tsuen Wan line for repairs /asZuOHy6ef
10:Joel Chan:

Thankfully the East Rail Line extension to Admiralty opened before today’s incident at Yau Ma Tei. Even with the disruption on the Tsuen Wan Line, there are still multiple alternate routes to go around the 7 closed stations /rw4N56EDpO

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