hip coffee

1:syd the kid:
a man in this oregon coffee shop has a gun on his hip… very arizona core! makes me feel like home 🥰🥰
2:Dovid Margolin:
Theres something very pernicious about these car-free world people. Real life in a big city is not all about Instagramming your overpriced coffee on mismatched chairs! “Lets shut down major artery” is another way of saying “only hip rich kids matter.” /65d4qZvhDT
Happy Coffeegasm morning! Go Get Your Coffee Fix! Rise and shine for some Latte Java Drips Hip Hop, Pop, Afrobeats and NeoSoul to get you through this Monday morning. Download the app from Apple store or Google Play for the whole Java Vibe experience.

/ws57zk9d6f /v2PMOcjQFs
#5albums16 #NowListening

Noname – Telefone (Not on label, 2016)

Hip Hop

Really like this one 😍 /wEWeN3kYuj
5:Tamura⁷ 🐳:
It might be 8 songs 🤔

A relaxing song while taking a walk,
High note song during a shower,
Hip hop while drive,
Energy song during coffee-break,
Calm song for work,
Break song for dance,
R&B for read a book,
Melody when flowers bloom or fall.

the last archive of my twenties /TQyNLbzuv7
whoever is managing the playlist for this hip coffee_ shop today has extraordinarily terrible taste. this is not the correct environment for me to be hearing the living tombstone rapping over the nichijou OST
7:Lawyers For Justice Ireland:
hip coffee_7
Boycott Bear Market Coffee!:Cash Rebellion

Bear Market Coffee is a chain of coffee shops presenting an image of hip, cool, trendy & ethical whilst at the same time hypocritically refusing cash.

Bear Market Coffee take pride that it was born from “humble beginnings” in 2009 👇 /xFPfT555ER
8:indigo ellen —:
my barista at the grunge coffee shop was so mean to me and i didn’t even care like i didn’t hesitate honestly i kind of respect the attitude. it fits the hip coffee_ vibe. why smile? don’t. treat me like shit! i’ll keep coming back for more!
Good morning brothers and sisters, rise and shine get your coffee and your tea on. I said hip hop a hip hip hippie and a bang bang boogie the bee give thanks to the most high for another day of life. Respect /6CuydLIhpG
10:Golden Skate:
Happy Birthday 🎂 to 🇺🇸 USAs #JonathanRogers who took 🥉 with #VanessaPham in their #JGPFigure debut in Courchevel 🇫🇷 👏🏻 The 20-year-old from Houston likes car shows 🚗, coffee shops ☕, visiting friends, and hip hop 🎵 📷 2022-23 FD to “Scheherazade” #FigureSkating /LctBmpDrIc

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